My mission is to create a place where you can find lifestyle and product inspiration for your environmentally friendly living.

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binarybot#(3) - (Bookworm)
Yes, being eco friendly is quite crucial at this point. Our weather system is completely bipolar, I don't think the UK has had a winter the past year and our summers are getting warmer and warmer. Think the wooden brush will double up as a decent duster as well lol!

puppet_sister#(4) - (Bookworm)
First of all let me say, I love your website aesthetic and the choice of colours. The minimalist, clutter free design is also appealing. I read one of your articles ( and am soon going to be following your advice once the quarantine lock down eases up. The "Natural Organic Reef Safe Sunscreen" seemes interesting, never tried any Eco-friendly product of that kind so will give it a go. Also do you have any hiking shoe recommendations?